• To adapt and materialize Kubed Living in all regions of Greece.
  • Undertake all necessary actions to issue building permits in all regions of Greece .
kubed worker
In case that the architectural concept requires additional specialized works,our company undertakes the task and we deliver a turn key project .
kubed pool
kubed house

We provide

  • Alternative advanced design solutions
  • Based on realistic approach
  • Withing your budget
  • Solutions of high aesthetic and applied approach.
  • And mainly following your own wishes.
Our great success is based on the adaptation of existing plans to your personal taste.Our main policy is to establish friendly and open contact with our customers. We understand your priorities and respect delivery times.
kubed bar
We offer unique and tested solutions based on advanced and trendy architectural solutions of great operability and sustainability.
kubed hotel
kubed hotel
You can chose either out of our standard solutions either we can design a unique solution following your feelings and choices.
kubed house 2
  • From a simple studio up to a 3 bed apartment in all regions of Greece.
  • From container adapted for commercial use to auxiliary apartments.
  • From Hotels up to student houses.
  • We are ready to discuss your project and provide expert ideas.
We undertake the full house project on a turnkey base such as :
  • Initial concept
  • Building permits
  • Detail drawing
  • Construction on agreed delivery time.
  • Auxiliary works within the project
kubed house 3

Container houses

Built to be a private house either an AIRBnB investment for renting,our solution will always be an environmental friendly sustainable solution.
kubed house 4

Predesigned container houses solutions

We offer a large variety of ready made solutions and most probably one of them will be up to your taste.

Model Κ160

An ideal solution for a small additional backyard room to your existing house or as a small campaign house.

Model Κ320 L

For more space K320 is a very good solution

Model K640

For bigger surface K640 is our standard solution.

Model K800 Flex - K800 LR

It was designed because our customers were looking for an economical and flexible solution with a more comfortable living room with 2 or 3 bedrooms and a nice main entrance.

Model Κ800MB

The K800-MB series is the crown jewel of luxury. We have increased the parents bedroom with walk-in wardrobe closet with outdoor living room or office

Model Κ800 3B

A good solution for a large family

Model K960

The K960 series offers everything

If you choose a pre-designed and tested solution of Kubed Living you will save time and you will come more economically, avoiding the unforeseen and at the same time you take advantage of the high level architecture of Kubed Living.

Design based on customer requirements

If you prefer a design completely tailored to your needs, our team would be happy to fulfill your wishes at a reasonable cost.

kubed custom 1
kubed custom 2
kubed custom 3
construction with 10 containers
construction with 3 + 1 container
Container construction, 5 bedrooms, 5 WC, 2X40ria + 6X20

Container holiday villas

Architecture tailored to your personality and local architectural requirements. Beautiful, as you want them, fast construction, economical and specific costs.

kubed villa
kubed villa 1
kubed villa 2
kubed villa 3
kubed villa 4
kubed villa 6

High esthétique structures. Adaptation to local architectural requirements.

Small apartment buildings Kubed Living

Beautiful small apartment buildings for families in a fast and economical way


Commercial use constructions

Designed in a functional and innovative way. Suitable for cafes, restaurants, canteens.

kafe 1
kafe 2
kafe 3
kafe 4

Container constructions for auxiliary spaces

Improve your quality of life, increase the value of your property and take advantage of your outdoor space by creating ancillary spaces. Offices, gyms, yoga rooms, entertainment, etc

backyard 1
backyard 2
backyard 3

See all the designs of auxiliary spaces with a wide variety of uses

Home office?

It has now become necessary with teleworking.
Kubed Living offers a number of options for small or large functional spaces of high aesthetics with plenty of lighting.

office 1


Yes it is because they use used containers, 3500 kg each (40 ft) that under other conditions these containers would rot in the warehouses of the transport companies.
Yes up to 50% less
Absolutely due to heir steel compact structure
Just a 20 cm deep foundation to be also used as velanda space.
We can achieve any dimensions.
Yes,as we do not use new steel. but used containers, 3500 kg each (40 ft) that under other conditions these containers would rot in the warehouses of the transport companies.
Yes they a normal building permit is required.
In all areas that a truck can access all over Greece.
Yes ,Class A
We proposal a/c but all other heating systems can be adapted.
Between 3-6 months
Limtless,provided you maintain from time to time as a regular house.
Πως μπορουμε να προχωρησουμε;Μας περνετε ένα τηλεφωνο και κλεινουμε ένα ραντεβου. Μας παρουσιαζετε τα ονειρα σας και σας παρουσιαζουμε καποιες ρεαλιστικες επιλογες με αντιστοιχα προυπολογιστικα κοστη. Επιλεγετε μια τυποποιημενη λυση οποτε σας στελνουμε υτην προσφορα μας χωρις επιπλεον επιβαρυνση ή επιλεγετε μια μη τυποποιημενη λυση οπου σας δινουμε έναν γενικο προυπολογισμο και ένα κοστος αρχιτεκτονικης σχεδιασης. Μετα την ολοκληρωση της σχεδιασης εχετε έναν προυπολογισμο κλειστου κοστους με το κλειδι στο χερι.

Contact us

For regions out of Greece

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For Greece

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